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Why We Do It Better…

Custom Denver Foot Orthotics

As most orthotic practitioners will make a plaster cast or foam box impression of your feet, we believe in analyzing motion. Although plaster casts and foam box impressions are a custom representation of your feet, the actual adjustment is left up to the practitioner’s “professional judgment” as to how the orthotic will be modified in order to “fix” the client’s problem(s). It has been said, “If all you ever did was hover around, you would never have a problem.” The previous two methods of capturing a custom mold of your feet are done in non-weight bearing. At The Foot Mechanic™, we perform a three-phased weight-bearing assessment which not only includes a videoed treadmill evaluation, but also a weight-bearing, medical grade 3-dimensional force plate assessment. With this force plate, hooked up to our computer, we are able to gather over 200 weight-bearing data points as you walk across with each foot. Putting a line through these data points allows us to get what we call, your “line-of-weight-transfer.” Comparing your transfer line to what we know as ideal, we are able to make a decision as to whether a custom orthotic from The Foot Mechanic™ can help mitigate your symptoms.

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