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Foot Orthotics Q&A



Can I move my Custom Orthotics between my footwear?

    • With a few exceptions, one pair of orthotics can typically be moved between multiple pairs of shoes. For example, you can move a pair of orthotics between your running shoes, tennis shoes, hiking boots, and casual shoes. Certain orthotics are engineered to be sport-specific, including ski-boot, cycling and skate orthotics. In addition, some individuals prefer to purchase a lower-volume orthotic for their dress shoes.


 How long will my Custom Orthotics last?

    • Our orthotics are made from extremely durable polypropylene materials, and are designed to last 5 to 7 years or more, depending on the wear patterns of the individual. Some orthotics include a padded top cover that may wear more quickly than the “core” of the orthotic. This top cover can be easily replaced for a nominal fee.


 What if I purchase Customer Orthotics and my problem persists?

    • Since all of our orthotics are custom-made devices, we are not able to take returns, however, we are dedicated to ensuring that you are 100% satisfied with our services and products. To this end, we will work with you tirelessly to make adjustments to your wear pattern and/or the orthotics themselves until the desired results are achieved.

How do I know if Custom Orthotics from The Foot Mechanic are right for me?

  • The Foot Mechanic has prescribed overt 4,000 pair of custom orthotics, and our satisfaction rate exceeds 99%. Our clients include the University of Denver, University of Colorado, and Colorado State University Athletic Programs, as well as individuals from ages 8 to 80 who participate in about every physical endeavor imaginable. We track progress with each and every client at 6 weeks, 6 months, and one year to gauge progress and satisfaction.