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What We Do…

Most orthotic practitioners will make a plaster cast or a foam box impression of your feet. We, on the other hand, believe in analyzing our clients in motion. During your hour-long evaluation, a three-step Motion analysis evaluation.

Step 1: the 1st Step encompasses a full manual orthopedic exam where we assess arch, ligamentous, bone and joint integrities as well as how the foot affects the ankle, lower leg, knee, hip, low back and all of the musculature/tendons connected to them.


Step 2: the 2nd Step utilizes our high-end biomechanics software package whereby we use a high definition video camera to take video clips of walking and running from both the front and back in order to get a complete understanding of how your foot affects the muscles and joints of your leg. We are able to break down this video into super slow-motion and analyze it frame by frame with the client while using a foot/leg bony model to demonstrate and illuminate how the visual movement abnormality is affecting their condition.


Step 3: the 3rd Step is where we definitively answer the question of, “do I need orthotics?” In this evaluation, we employ the use of a digitizing medical grade force plate.

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